Welcome to the “From The Front Porch Swing“.

 My name is Brenda Sullivan. 

I am a wife and a mother of two beautiful boys, a Doberman and a Cocker Spaniel. My passion has always been helping people to achieve their dreams. Believing that you can be anything you set your mind to and never settle for anything less. 

Welcome to my happy home

“Bless this stress, Lord, it helps me see that I’m a mess”

Let me tell you a little bit about me; I am blessed to be a child of God. My favorite thing to do is spend time with my family and being a mom. I enjoy planning activities with my kids, whether it’s a soccer game after school or watching movies at home on family movie night.  I love traveling to tropical places and laying out in the sun even if it’s in my own back yard. My passion for decorating is endless. For the past 22 years, I have owned the same pair of golf clubs and purple is my favorite color. I am a sucker for romance and love getting flowers from my husband, Alex.

Here at the “From The Front Porch Swing”, we want to inspire you to be all you can be. Entice you with warm, sweet, and delicious recipes from the attic, and encourage you with some of our simple ways to make life simple, joyful and successful.

Thanks so much for stopping by!   

Always… Be inspired.  Be happy. Be you. And visit often.